Website Reorganization

With the forthcoming release of The Samurai Poet, I realized it was time to make some changes to the website. “The Samurai Poet” page has been moved from a subheading within the Writing section into a section of its own. Rather than function as a page to sample the novel, it now provides information about the ebook and where to buy it. This change creates a more clearly defined landing page for visitors to learn more about the novel whether they are discovering via casual browsing or on-line advertising.

I have also removed the epub sample of The Samurai Poet because it contained variances from the final version. To the best of my knowledge, all ebook retailers allow you to download a significant sample of the novel so that you can make an informed decision before buying. For this reason, I encourage you to download the sample directly from one of them. I will keep an updated list on the new page.

For readers interested in the literary equivalent of DVD bonus features, an earlier version of the first chapter remains for sampling in the Writing section with the title Osaka 1615. I plan to add a “deleted scene” at a later date as well, so the overall impact of these changes will lead to more content on the website. I hope you find the site changes make sense and look forward to hearing your impressions of The Samurai Poet, be it via on-line reviews or direct contact. Thank you for your continued support.