Resolution Rock

I didn't remember posting resolutions here until last week, but since rediscovering them I can't let them go without a reflection.

1) "Be discovered [. . .] What I really need in 2014 is for some well-connected Tweeter, Facebooker, blogger, or Goodreads reviewer to discover my website, blog, or novel and then share their discovery."

This didn't happen in 2014, but it's probably for the best considering that I was feeling a little down on the novel myself. Now that I've got my mojo back, I'll make the most of it if 2015 is the year.

2) "Get more likes and +1’s on my website and blog."

This one paid off in 2014. I know social media experts like to dismiss Google+ compared to its more successful rivals, but I still like it. A couple of my favourite communities are Japanese Culture and 京都. The Japanese Culture community has an eclectic range of posts and there is always someone around who will +1 one of yours. The Kyoto site features a lot of great photography from Japan's most beautiful city.

3) "Sell a copy a day of The Samurai Poet."

Dare to dream. I came nowhere near achieving this goal, but still did better than expected considering my promotional efforts dropped off the deep end. Looking to bounce back in 2015.