New Essay Uploaded

I have just uploaded a short essay about the poetry of Ishikawa Jozan to the website. This is the first major addition since the summer when content was added to the Downloads page. Considering what a no brainer it must seem to have a page about Ishikawa’s poetry on a website devoted to him, it’s fair to ask what took me so long to create it.

In fact, the idea for the essay came about almost by accident. In September, I started a short blog post taking Donald Keene to task for some harsh words about Jozan’s poetry (you can read the post here). Once I finished my rant, I realized that it might be more productive to write a more balanced appreciation of Ishikawa’s work. To my surprise, the essay was much more difficult to write than I expected, as I tried out three different angles before finally settling on my approach.

Regardless of what you think of my opinion, I hope you enjoy reading the poems I included to support my thesis. Both books which translate Ishikawa’s work into English are out of print, so it is hard to find samples of his writing.