Afternoon at Shisendo

I've recently uploaded a second gallery of Shisendo and its environs. The pictures were taken July 19, 2013. It was remarkable how the scenes changed in the afternoon sun. Golden light and shadows created some interesting natural effects. I also experimented with some camera settings designed to make the most of the light.

Overall, it was a memorable day. I arrived at Shisendo near the opening and stayed for close to three hours photographing and making videos. There weren't many people in the first hour so I was able to record the sozu refilling with water less than once per minute without inconveniencing other visitors. A friendly obasan caring for the grounds chatted with many of the visitors but we never crossed paths to speak.

The woman working at the front desk was helpful and informative. She even let me return later in the day without charging an extra admission. There were even fewer people there in the last hour before closing. It facilitated a reflective ending to the day. I hope you enjoy the gallery.